Silent testing

Our silent tester allows you to easily and non-disruptively stress test your network before important video events.

Forget about infosec approval and diagnostic software deployment—we offer a no-install option that can be set up to piggyback an open browser tab in the blink of an eye.

Users on the network are unaware of the test, allowing you to execute as many tests as necessary using real-world conditions.

Use our intuitive analytics tools to troubleshoot network issues before the actual event occurs, guaranteeing a flawless broadcast every time.
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What is a silent test?

A silent test is a simulation of a video broadcast that runs in the background of the actual devices on your network.
  • Installation-free
  • Can be run as many times as necessary without disrupting workflow
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Advanced Analytics

Using the same analytics suite that we offer for actual video broadcasts, you can drill down and discover and resolve network issues with incredible ease.
  • Filter statistics by office, department, ISP, browser, geography, OS, or even by device ID
  • Graphically visualize the UX of the test broadcast with1-minute granularity