Never miss a bit with Peer5's Analytics Suite

Use Peer5's range of analytics tools
to keep tabs on your network and
refine your corporate broadcasts.

View P2P efficiency, UX parameters,
and troubleshoot network issues
in a matter of clicks.
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User Experience

Optimize your users' viewing
experience by keep rebuffering in

Drill down from a network overview to
countries, cities, offices, or individual

P2P Efficiency

Measure how much traffic is being
offloaded onto Peer5's P2P mesh

By ensuring that the offload % is as
high as possible you can unburden your
physical network infrastructure to an
astounding degree, often in the range of


Peer5's advanced filters make
troubleshooting a snap.

Filter users by geography, ISP, IP, OS,
browser, custom labels q user IDs, and
Thoroughly sweep your network for

User Analytics

Remotely examine a specific user's
experience by exploring their individual
timeline in order to measure
performance, UX, and any other issues
they may have experienced (or may
currently be experiencing) during a live