How it works

Scalable peer-assisted delivery

Using browser-based technology with no additional installation required, Peer5's eCDN allows each viewer to strengthen the network for additional viewers.
This approach eliminates ISP and local network bottlenecks, is infinitely scalable, and is at its most resilient during peak streaming hours.
By harnessing peer-to-peer streaming, a video stream can offload up to 95% of the bandwidth coming into the local network from the internet.
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Deploy securely and swiftly

Deploy progressively to as many streams or users as you like with a click of a button. Simulate users before the real event with the silent testing framework.
  • 30-second integration
  • Installation-free silent tester
  • Progressive 1-click deployment
  • Stream-specific deployment
  • No changes to hardware or network

Zero-setup network curation

Peer5's intelligent eCDN ensures that remote workers and/or heavy video traffic won't strain your network nor oblige you to invest in costly infrastructure.

Robust APIs

Manage custom network needs with ease using our battle-proven APIs.
  • Control when Peer5 is enabled/disabled on a per-device basis
  • Control how to divide and group your network on a per-device basis

Industry-leading analytics

QoS troubleshooting is hard. Peer5's analytics tools provides granular breakdowns and lets admins quickly find the root cause for any streaming issue - whether it’s on the end-user’s device, ISP, VPN, Encoder or CDN.
  • Delivery metrics
  • UX metrics
  • Advanced breakdowns
  • Per-user analytics
  • Backend API

Seamless integration with Microsoft

Leave no PC behind when using our consolidated integration with Microsoft's Teams and Stream platforms.
  • Legacy support for IE
  • Live and VOD support for 365
  • Integration with Office 365 Video, Teams, Yammer and MS Stream

Integrate in 30 seconds

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Integrate with your video platform

Connect to your existing video stack

All modern players, CDNs and video platforms are supported
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