How it works

Scalable peer-assisted delivery

Each viewer that streams from the server strengthens the network for additional viewers. This architecture is inherently better for scaling and more resilient during peak streaming hours.
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Solves bottlenecks

When you stream to many users on the same local network, no matter how many servers or CDNs you use, the bottleneck is always the local network or the ISP connection. Peer5 harnesses the power of the users within the same local network.

Offload 95% of the bandwidth

During large events we connect enough users such that almost all of the consumption becomes over the local network. Only 5% of the bandwidth still needs to be consumed from the Internet. That means that only 1 out 20 packets need to traverse over expensive, congested links and into the enterprise network.

The first CDN to run completely in-browser powered by WebRTC

Peer5 exclusively uses JavaScript and requires no installations of agents. Our JavaScript interacts with the player behind the scenes balancing your server and mesh network. You or the end users don’t need to do anything.

No changes to your network

We don’t require any on-premise hardware or network changes. Our management and peer coordination run exclusively over the cloud. You can test, control and monitor through the Peer5’s dashboard.
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Integrate in 30 seconds

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Integrate with your video platform

Connect to your existing video stack

All modern players, CDNs and video platforms are supported
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