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MediaPlatform is a leading enterprise video platform enabling large-scale live streaming and on-demand video. MediaPlatform Broadcaster is a platform built exclusively for the unique requirements of business broadcasting. Peer5 powers many large scale events for MediaPlatform including for several Fortune 500 companies.
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Kaltura empowers enterprises to broadcast an event of any size easily and with confidence whether it is for a team meeting, town hall, or international conference. From live streaming to on-demand video, self-serve to full white glove production services. Peer5 partnered with Kaltura in 2013 and has successfully provided video delivery services for any Kaltura customer with an integration that takes only 30 seconds.
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Company Webcast

With HQ in the Netherlands, Company Webcast serves more than 600+ mid-sized and large organizations and local government authorities in Europe. With a dedicated presence in the UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Denmark, they provide on-premise production, studios, professional services, and webcasting software. Peer5 is the underlying P2P CDN (ECDN) for the largest Company Webcast customers.
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Since Brightcove was established in 2004, they have consistently pushed boundaries to create a platform for people who are serious about video: one that is robust, scalable, and intuitive. Benefiting from a global infrastructure, unrivaled customer support, an extensive partner ecosystem, and relentless investment in R&D, Brightcove video sets the standard for professional grade video management, distribution, and monetization.
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3Q is the leading SaaS platform for video streaming in the DACH region. 3Q offers a fully end-to-end streaming platform which fits all needs for content providers, e-commerce businesses as well as media companies, broadcasters and corporates. The platform is operated according to European data protection guidelines.
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Intrado, formerly West, is an innovative, cloud-based, global technology partner to clients around the world. Intrado Digital Media connects people and organizations at the right time and in the right ways, making those mission-critical communications more relevant, engaging, and actionable. Intrado Studio, is the leading webcasting and streaming technology delivering over 50,000 events annually, helping organizations communicate with their employees, customers, investors and the media. Peer5 partners with Intrado Digital Media as an ECDN helping scale Intrado’s webcasts for millions of users.
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Google Meet Live Streaming enables in-house live streaming of Google Meet conferences. Peer5 is the only P2P solution that integrates directly with Google Meet Live Stream to boost performance within corporate networks.
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Quickchannel is a market-leading online video platform for live streaming, recording and management of on-demand video. With a strong focus on security, scalability and user experience, Quickchannel offers a complete chain of cloud-based solutions. Create, record, manage and broadcast any type of event, from seminars to meetings and internal/external presentations.
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WTV is one of the world’s leading international communications firms. They provide webcasting, virtual events, remote video capture, consulting services and more for some of the largest organizations in the world, including CocaCola, BP, Nestlé, and HSBC. Peer5’s eCDN expertise allows WTV to provide many of these mammoth organizations with incredibly high-quality internal communications between offices scattered all over the world, without the need for any additional network infrastructure.
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Mod Streaming

Based out of the UK, Mod Streaming provides live streaming services to h​igh-profile clients such as Unilever, The British Council​ and​ Haymarket Publishing. The team have worked together since 2001, and is comprised of dynamic, skilled professionals that approach each event with focus, superb technical knowledge and a good sense of humour!
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With offices in France and New York, Canalchat Grandialogue is a creative communication specialist, specializing in live interactive webchats. Founded by a complementary and experienced team of developers, journalists, video producers and sound designers, Canalchat Grandialogue ensures the complete realization and management of your live conversations (text or video for all types of audiences).
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ICV Digital Media

Since 1989 ICV has been a leading Bay Area video production company, ICV's clients include Silicon Valley stalwarts and start-ups. National event organizers, associations and corporations. Even dozens of other Bay Area video production companies. They all rely on ICV's ability to support their entire video production and live webcasting process, no matter the location or the scale. Video production, video equipment rentals, video studio rentals, video editing and creative services. Locally or across the country.
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Streamlike offers all the guarantees and features of an enterprise video platform for live and on-demand distribution: user and content security, publication workflows, custom interfaces, integration tools, real-time analytics, etc. As an expert in online video, Streamlike advises its customers on solutions that fit their needs, especially when it comes to peer to peer streaming on corporate networks.
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​Sequoia is a video hub for the workplace, no matter what work you do. It’s a place where knowledge is shared and information is always at your fingertips. With Sequoia, your team is more connected and more informed. Peer5 integrated with Sequoia and was deployed successfully as an ECDN for a Fortune 500 company.
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Based out of Spain, Ikuna PowerPresenter is a platform that enables corporate broadcasts to be live streamed with real-time synchronization of presentation slides. Ikuna also integrates audience questions, surveys, downloadable documents, and social networks — all in a highly customizable, multi-language, multi-platform interface. Peer5 is integrated as enterprise CDN for Ikuna’s corporate streams.
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Based in Munich, Streamlab has offered professional livestreaming services and solutions for corporate customers and enterprises since 1996. Their highly flexible and secure LiveCoder™ Player Platform integrates Peer5 into their media delivery mix. This has enabled corporate livestreams reaching +50.000 employees within corporate networks, VPN and mobile staff apps.
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