Live Streaming Video CDN. Our Live Streaming P2P Video HLS & MPEG-DASH CDN Boosts Streaming.

The Serverless Streaming CDN

Peer5 is a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (P2P CDN) for massively-scaled, high-quality streaming. We dynamically construct an elastic mesh network consisting of viewers that integrates seamlessly with the existing edge server infrastructure and dramatically improves its performance, creating the ultimate Multi-CDN.

By unlocking the distributed computing power of viewers, we’ve solved the two biggest problems in streaming: scalability and geographic coverage. In fact, our network is the most elastic, distributed and resilient CDN in the world.

P2P Multi-CDN For MPEG-Dash & HLS
Multi-CDN Streaming We reconstruct the stream (in JavaScript!) from chunks that are delivered from both the edge server and the P2P CDN simultaneously. Learn more
HLS & MPEG-DASH CDN Video CDN supports HLS and MPEG-DASH. We are compatible with all of the tools you use to deliver these industry standard streams. Learn more
Video CDN Runs On The Cloud
Managed SaaS Streaming CDN coordination is handled by our robust infrastructure which runs on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Learn more
WebRTC CDN Delivers HLS & MPEG-Dash Video Streaming
WebRTC Powered Based on HTML5 standards (WebRTC, Media Source Extensions), our P2P Video CDN is install-free, secure, ultra-fast and multi-platform. Learn more
Secure Streaming CDN
Private & Secure All communication is encrypted. Video streams are never written to disk / physical media. Each broadcaster has its own dedicated streaming CDN. Learn more
Integrating Peer5's Video CDN
  • 1. Add Peer5 JS To
    Your Video Site
      Embed the Peer5 MPEG-Dash or HLS P2P Multi-CDN. Test Our Live Streaming CDN, Video CDN.

    • Simply register to get an API Key
    • Copy and paste Peer5's JS into your site
    • HLS and MPEG-Dash-compatible CDN
  • 2. Video Streaming CDN
    Instantly Gets To Work
      Peer5's HLS And MPEG-Dash Multi-CDN Layer Jumps Into Action. P2P Video CDN.

    • P2P Multi-CDN jumps into action
    • Users stream faster without interruption
    • Plugin-free P2P Video CDN
  • 3. HLS Or MPEG-DASH Streams Load Using P2P CDN
      Peer5's Multi-CDN Video CDN. Video CDN For MPEG-Dash and HLS.

    • Users receive better streams
    • Content providers lower bandwidth
    • Everybody wins with Multi-CDN