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Who we are
We are a group of engineers and technology enthusiasts with a passion for distributed computing. Collectively, we represent diverse experience across the fields of big data analytics, large-scale web application infrastructure, virtualization, and networking. We live for efficiency and are obsessed with performance. We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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We live and breath WebRTC
Peer5 was designed from scratch for WebRTC, written completely in JavaScript. Born in 2012 and released the world’s first WebRTC based mesh network. We make sure WebRTC DataChannels, our underlying API, is stable, performing smoothly across all platforms. We contribute to the WebRTC community and are active members of the W3C steering committee.

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We care about your privacy and security
We are entirely invested in maintaining the highest level of security for our customers. Our security model covers all aspects of the Peer5 platform. Oh, and GDPR? We’re fully compliant.

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Our Name
Peer5 is a combination of the two fundamental building blocks of our founding service: Peer-to-Peer and HTML5. Our logo is based, in part, on the HTML5 logo by W3C.
The HTML5 logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, making it available for reuse and reimagining.

Peer5 Leverages HTML5 To Build Our WebRTC CDN.
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